Running an Election

  1. Confirm there is enough scouts present to perform the election, there needs to be at least half of the unit’s registered scouts there.
  2. Share the virtual post-election form with the scoutmaster using their email from Lodgemaster. You can confirm their email address at the beginning of the meeting using the chat or by asking them to privately chat it to the election team. If either the form or sheet has not been created yet, follow the instructions on this link.
  3. Input the candidate names on the post-election form and/or the election form if it has not been done already. Prepare to send the election portal link to the scouts by copying it to your pasteboard.
  4. Introduce yourself and your team to the scouts and talk to them about the OA and the Lodge – give them ‘the speech’.
  5. Tell the scouts the election procedure. Emphasize that they can vote for any amount of eligible scouts that they want and that all, none, or some of them can be elected. Read the election procedure below:
Unit Election Video